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Our second EP, in memory of HUMPH the second


released January 20, 2014

Music and lyrics by DE MOURA
Arranged by HUMPH
DE MOURA Jorge : guitars, vocals
BOREL Georges : bass
GUILLERMIN Vivian : drums
Produced by Alain Vazeux and HUMPH



all rights reserved


HUMPH France

The god HUMPH appeared to the three shepherds and said : "Hy folks, you should leave your sheep and start playing rock'n'roll in the drummer's garage!"

So they bought all the necessary devices to spread their god speech all over the world.
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Track Name: I really wanna do it with you
I feel her pants getting wet
I can feel it with my fingers
I feel her breath on my neck
And her hand softly passes through my hair
Wanna size my underwear

Really wanna do it with you
Can’t you see I want you?
Let me take you to my place
Share with me your taste
‘Cause I really wanna do it with you
Can’t you see I want you?
Since the first time I saw you
I can’t stop thinking of you

Down on your knees
Don’t be worry by my stinkfoot
Tomorrow swear I’ll get shaved
But today was too late before I could
Don’t let me be misunderstood
Track Name: Have you heard?
Have you ever heard someone say
He didn’t care about the way it goes
For these or for those
Always feel so right in his toes and then
Everything goes down

When they see someone in bleed
They wish they had some seeds of weed to grow
Would they get now more slow
And the way they dream they can go where no one
Would tell them no

Sometimes I think my fate is unfair
Sometimes I wonder why
We wanna go to the top of the stairs
And get so high

There is nothing left to say
So get yourself laid on a couch
Sleep will end your doubt
Make your own brand new paradise to give
Awesome new surprise
Track Name: Midnight Bath
Took your clothes off for a swim through the dark, underneath a pale moon light,
Reflected by your milky skin
Ocean breeze salted my lips as I seat on the wet sand,
Earring waves, passing by,
And the sight of that scene
Brings me back,
To where I belong,
To my home,
To my native tongue,
To my own,
The one I belong,
To the words
That we haven’t told

For the first time in my life,
I did take a midnight bath,
Water’s cold and the wind blew hard
But I felt like no disease could
Strike me that night

As I step through the dark, away from city lights
Attracted by your milky skin,
Felt so warm as we met and falled in each other arms,
Facing waves crushing hard,
And it… brings me back…
Track Name: On my way to work
On my way to work, I met a friend
Her name is Julie,
She’s a very funny person,
We were laughing out loud,
And the passengers in the bus stared at us,
We talked a few miles,
About love and life and other stuff,
Then I saw your eyes,
Behind your helmet riding your motorbike,
To work,
Or probably somewhere else,
I’ll never know
Track Name: Shortcuts (live)
I can’t see,
I can’t see through you my dear
At all since I,

I have been,
I have been in you my dear,
We both knew,

End was near,
End was near for us my dear,

‘Cause on my way I lost myself,
On my way I found it safe,
Just to be with you my dear,
Didn’t mean no harm and tears,
Just wanna be with you

I played no tricks,
Played no game with you my dear,
I tried hard to be as I could,

‘Cause I love,
Yes I think I love you dear,
But I don’t trust my thoughts,
‘Cause in some way they did

Stole my youth,
Stole my youth and memories,
Took my life away