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HUMPH's first EP


released May 12, 2012

Music and lyrics by DE MOURA
Arranged by HUMPH
DE MOURA Jorge : guitars, vocals
BOREL Georges : bass
GUILLERMIN Vivian : drums
Produced by Alain VAZEUX, Mathieu ROUSSEAU and HUMPH



all rights reserved


HUMPH France

The god HUMPH appeared to the three shepherds and said : "Hy folks, you should leave your sheep and start playing rock'n'roll in the drummer's garage!"

So they bought all the necessary devices to spread their god speech all over the world.
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Track Name: Lies
No one, then a few quickly more ‘til a lot
Struggling against, one man then more ‘til you do
Collaborate, to the supreme goal I’ve been choosing for you
No need to wonder why when you can’t have a clue

Massive, destructive vibrations of my love,
Won’t be defeat, my believe and my thoughts will remain,
Undeniable, you can take off my eyes, does not mean you can hide
No need to ask me how, you know I would lie

Prophets will spread my word to the world
That is my fate, my truth and be sure I’ll make no
Kind of mistake, I will build up the way, you’ll have to follow to,
No need to refuse, know that you would lose

And maybe you’ll try to break your chains
And struggle against the life you’re in and you will
Destroy the state, you will take off my head and feel no need to hide
Then it will be time, for you to tell lies

Days, weeks, months, years fighting against
Your pain and shame ‘cause you did
Collaborate to a fake supreme goal and swear you were told to
Now you wonder why it happens to you,
Once again you don’t have a clue
Wonder why it happens to you
You can’t forget, it sticks you as a glue
Track Name: Rage
I’m so in rage today,
For days I tried to put my nerves down,
With a major chard or two,
A handjob, what else can I do?
Than a major chord or two,
Or a handjow, while I’m thinking of you

Why did life put you on my way?
Why your lips touched mine yesterday?
Even if I am glad to play,
I wonder what will you say
When you’ll see my face again

But know I’m not the man
You think I am,

I’m so much better than this
With a major chord or two,
I hope my hand will touch you,
With a major chord or two,
Hope in my bed, I could show you

Things you have never felt before
Things that so long you’ve been looking for,
And you just have to knock on mt door,

Yeah I wanna be adore,
Just by you

No longer engaged today,
For days I’ve tried to put my nerves down,
With a major chord or two,
Make you laugh and stick as a glue,
Yes I know some are pained too,
But there’s nothing I can do

In my dreams I would go astray,
I would fly, I would fade away,
But then I would wake up too late,
And wonder what will I say
When I’ll see my boss again?

Boss I’m not the man,
You think I am

I don’t care so much than this,
Of the way you judge me
Through your blind eye
For my no hairdo,
Did someone complain to you about
The job I can do?

I’m so tired; I don’t sleep no more,
In my room garbage on the floor,
Getting drunk as never before,
All so quiet…
Track Name: Snowdays
The season of wind and cold of garlanded streets,
One spark by year
Snow days, with no snowballs,
Kids are not allowed to get a single foot, out today
Frozen wind blowing hard on my back
Down my neck, toes getting wet,
Silently, I’m turning up straight, right on my legs

All I’ve been keeping in bursting out
On my way back to some sense in my life

Going back to the sunset of my life
For you my dear
Eyes dry but I’m no cold,
Guess I’m not supposed to cry nowadays for what I’ve made
For the lies that are left to tell now from our flesh down to our heads
Suddenly, times being shared came to an end

So many things untold spreaded doubt
Things hidden in the folds of our minds
All we’ve been keeping in, bursted out
On our way back to some sense in my life
Track Name: Jobs and lovers
Creeping at the surface,
It comes to your mouth,
Makes your tongue shake
Then in a doubt,
You’re getting speechless,
Wondering about,
All that you’ve messed up
What should I do?
Could I kiss you once more?

Lied in my bed,
Away from others,
Out of my head
The jobs and lovers

No, I won’t sleep tonight,
My thoughts appearing so bright
No, I won’t sleep tonight,
My voice surrounding the light
No, I won’t sleep tonight,
Your choices to my eyes don’t seem so bright

We’re all trapped in a net,
Like spiders and flies,
We’re hanged and hangman,
One wonders why,
Who? Make a guess,
Spiders or flies?
Hanged or hangman,
What should we do,
Get stone and drunk too once more

Lied in my bed,
Away the shoulders
‘Cause friends that I’ve lost,
For jobs and lovers
Track Name: Sour turns to sweet
Waiting for your call, in the mess of my room
Don’t know what to do at all, my stomach is in bloom
Don’t even recall if I ever felt that way

Now when you’re close I fall and I don’t know what to say
Like a teenage feeling, like I’m gonna do a bad thing
Something is happening

I don’t wanna hurt no one, wanna be someone real
Even the damage has been done, I still feel a tender thrill
How am I supposed to act; well it seems that in fact
I wanna get back, and try another track

Last night I dreamt, we kissed under the iron bridge
And so I woke up with sour lips
And now I wonder, do you feel the same about me?
Like a teenage feeling, like we’re going do to some bad things

Still waiting for your call, but I cleaned up my room
Tears on my cheeks fall, I’m in such a bad mood
Maybe misunderstood the message you sent me

By the way you look at me
By the way that makes me feel
Some new things

I’m not where I wanna be
Wish you hear through the night
The voice that sings

Then for sure you’d join me
In the mess of my room
I would touch your skin, as pale as the moon
And then on my lips, the sour turns to sweet
Track Name: John Catman
So slow, it’s been a good day,
Now I have to get my feet back on the ground

So cold, that it’s hard to shake,
Now I’m trying to get myself hidden from the crowd,
I start feeling down,
I can see my way clear,
Step by step I fell I’m gonna kill a cat
A tiny, furred in black,
I’ll catch it my the moustache
Beat it up and put my walking stick deep in its ass,
Then use it as a tool

Oh it would be so nice,
If I could do it twice
Then I would beat on my brat,
With my bat all made of cats

I’ll take it everywhere,
And handle it with care,
I will beat on my wife,
A brand new way of life
Track Name: Stick it up
No I won’t drop a tear, sing loud and have no fear
I’ll play out some heavy sound for your ears

Guts out my eyes will bleed, lay down I’ll dance and creep
I’ll play out some heavy sound for your ears
I’ll sing loud some heavy sound for your ears

White page waiting for words
And blue notes to share my world

Blackened the page will bring
The treasures of things unseen

From the green seas and velvet skies
The monkey with golden eyes

Red milk and yellow clouds
All coming out of my mind

Sounds of the past, coming at last to my hand shake up the pen
It goes so fast, down to my brain to my tongue, it can’t be disturb
Sounds of the past, coming at last to my hand shake up the pen
Freedom at last, ‘cause finally it is played as it deserves